Social Media for Real Estate
Made Easy!

Here’s why you will keep us around for a long time.

It’s very time consuming and often very difficult for a busy agent to grow their business through social media.  From concept to design to reality, the stages of content creation and the time needed to design it are just too consuming and blocks the agent from focussing on real income-producing activities.  Brandpix has set out to solve this issue and help agents leverage the real power of social media with very little effort.  Social media has leveled the playing field and allows any agent to not only reach their clients and prospects, but also the millions of users that visit social media every single day.

We do it all for you so you can focus on the client relationships and the activities you’re best at!

We have solutions for Agents, Teams and Brokerages.

Coming Soon

Once you take the listing, walk outside, snap a shot of the home, and post the coming soon phoot.

Just Listed

The day your listing goes live, send a photo to announce it as Just Listed.

Open House

Interior or Exterior photos can be branded for Open Houses.  Send your pic days in advance AND day of the Open House for extra promotion.

Agent Promotion

If you need a quick personal promotion or marketing piece, send any photo and we’ll return it with simply but strong branding.

Prelisting Marketing Surprise

When you arrive at a listing presentation or something before you go, snap a pic of the home, send it in, and be ready to show them the marketing you’ve already created to market their home all over social media and your database.

Small Business Promotion

Brand photos of local small businesses you frequent so you can help promote them and build two way relationships together.  They will love seeing these of their business while you promote them.

Pop By Pix

If you’re in the area of past clients, snap a pic, brand it, and shoot it to them just to say hi.  If it snows or holiday decorations are up,  swing by and brand a pic to send so they can see it with your branding on it.  A great nurturing tool.

General Buyer

We create dozens of generalized marketing and branding content geared towards buyers. 


You always capture photos at the closing table, the attorneys office, or possibly even at the new home.  Now turn this moment into something more special that your clients will want to share.  

Happy Birthday

Capturing photos of clients along the way in your home journey together become priceless when we brand them and make them fun and customized.  Sending that memory in a new way will really set you apart.  

Happy Holidays

You have plenty of photos of your clients, their home, their land, the views from their yard, dock, or driveway.  We’ll customize it for your holiday message that will wow your clients every time.  

Social Media Tips

Social Media tips posted on your pages is really good content, but it’s even better fully branded to you and makes a statement of who you are as an agent.  

General Seller

Showcasing your marketing and turning photos into masterpieces with content that captures and appeals to current or future sellers is invaluable types of social posts.  We have many options for sellers.  

Just Recorded

The typical agent calls or texts  once the transaction has officially recorded at the courthouse but why be traditional.  Let us brand a photo to give them the good news.  They’ll want to share this all over their social media.  Don’t be typical!

Just Sold

When your deal closes, we have multiple Just Sold campaigns to choose from.  These are the social proof of your success.  Again, you can use these regardless of whether you represent the buyer or seller.

Under Contract

You usually call or text the news of a clients offer being accepted.  This is such a magical moment for you to do something different and make it a memory that will last and generate referrals.  Send them a photo of their new home announcing they are now Under Contract!  

Happy Housiversary

Sending a memory of the transaction or a photo of their home branded and fully customized will be something no one else does.  Make this a standard practice and watch your referrals explode.

Hover over the images below to see some of our Brandpix custom designs we created in seconds!

Here is what we do.

Social Media Assistant

You now have a real social media assistant that builds all of your marketing and branding images for you.  Anything from just listed, just sold, under contract, congratulations, happy birthday, happy holidays, testimonials, community events, local businesses, personal marketing, and much much more.  Instantly! You just send the picture by text or email to your virtual  assistant and you will receive your images branded and personalized back in about a minute.  Wow.

We have account solutions for Agents, Teams and Brokerages.

Daily Social Media Content

 Every month we’ll send you a social media content calendar with what needs to be posted.  We’ll also post 3 times per week content for you to keep your profile fresh active while you are preparing more personalized and hyper local content.  We will post buyer/seller tips, Quotes, Which do you like photos, and other engaging and interactive content.  We also will post for you any of the branded images we create.  All you have to do is post hyper local personalized content such as community events, news articles, personal videos, etc.  We even help with marketing and technology tips if you need. We’ll provide you an easy to use all in one posting software that you can setup and automate your social media with just a few clicks to all social channels at once.

Branded Social Media Image Library

We will give you access to hundreds of images that you can have your virtual assistant brand and personalize for you to post.  We have images for buyer and seller marketing, first time home buyers, luxury, investors, renters, move up clients, relocation, and much more.  We even have unlimited quotes, inpirstional, motivational, holiday images, and more.  If you don’t see it, just ask, we have it or we’ll design it.  Just browse your library, pick your image, text/email it to us, and post it in minutes after we brand it and personalize it for you.  

Fully Customized Branding Experience

With complete control over the look and feel of your photos,  we will design your branding and personalization templates anyway you want.  Customize all the graphics, colors, logos, and even the themes to match your other online and offline marketing campaigns for consistency in your message and marketing.  We’ll match the style of your brand or event, and we’ll do some fun and engaging templates as well.

How Does it Work?

1.  Snap…a photo you want to brand

To make your photos easily shareable on social, be sure to keep your phone in portrait mode.

2.  Text it to Us

The magic happens once you text us your photo.  Our little monsters will be hard at work personalizing, customizing, and branding your photos to make you look like a World Class Rockstar Agent.

3.  Receive…in 3 Minutes or Less

In less than 3 minutes, you’ve gone from normal to Wowww in your clients and prospects eyes.  Not only on social media, but send them custom photos for any occassion.

Trusted for virtual events and marketing campaigns by

Beyond Real Estate, our online branding software and photo booth format works incredibly well for other businesses and events too.

Fun, on-brand, and meaningful user generated content is a marketing dream.