No App Needed + Brand Everything + Share Anywhere

The Virtual AI Photo Booth….Without The Booth

Brand Recognition, Event Engagement, Human Connection, and simple fun for the people you want to reach!

Snap, Text, Receive….Guaranteed Done for you requiring ZERO technical, design, or social media experience.  INSTANTLY!


Fully Customized Branding Experience

Turn your fun and creative branding skills into leads and grow your business. 

With complete control over the look and feel of your photos,  we will design your photo booth templates that look like your very own.  Customize all the graphics, colors and even the themes to match your other online and offline marketing campaigns.  We’ll match the style of your brand or event, and we’ll do some fun and engaging templates. 

How Does it Work?

1.  Snap…a photo you want to brand

To make your photos easily shareable on social, be sure to keep your phone in portrait mode.

2.  Text it to Us

The magic happens once you text us your photo.  Our little AI monsters will be hard at work personalizing, customizing, and branding your photos to make you look like a World Class Rockstar Agent.

3.  Receive…in 3 Minutes or Less

In less than 3 minutes, you’ve gone from normal to Wowww in your clients and prospects eyes.  Not only on social media, but send them custom photos for any occassion.

Trusted for virtual events and marketing campaigns by

Our online Brand Pix AI Technology is built for everyone, but customized for each event or campaign.

Works on any device

Brand Pix Technology is browser-based, so it doesn’t require an app and can be used on Windows, Mac iOS, Android and more!

Text or Email

No matter how you have it, we can receive it.  Text your photos on demand or send them via email later.  BrandPix takes care of it and makes you and your brand look awesome.

Done For You (DFY)

Brand Pix creates multiple branded pix automatically in less than 3 minutes for you share and show off.  

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Brand Pix Premium Edit feature allows users to fully customize the photo with unlimited props, stickers, text and more. 

Brand Pix Technology is being used at conferences, expos, parties, holiday celebrations, galas, schools, retail, sporting events, and more.

Turn All Your Business Experiences into a Fully Branded Experience

Make your business interactions memorable.  Make them personal. 

Brand Them! 

Captivate your audience at an event, conference, or just from everyday business by giving them a way to smile, be creative, have fun, and engage with each other all while promoting the same excitement for your business.  

Virtual Backgrounds

We use AI to remove the background from any photo

Custom Stickers

We have thousands of stickers and props to customize your content.

Position Your Photo

Move your photo around for the perfect fit. 


Share a branded photo for an entry to win.

Name Badge

A fully functional text editor with background colors, fonts, and size.

Text or Email

You can text or email a photo to be branded instantly.  

Public and Private Gallery

All your branded photos can be displayed publicly or privately.  

Social Sharing

Users can easily share your branded photos for the world to see giving you more exposure.  

Sponsor Page

If you have sponsors you want to highlight we’ll put them front and center on your public display page. 

Beyond virtual events, our online photo booth works incredibly well for hybrid events too.

Fun, on-brand, and meaningful user generated content is a marketing dream.